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Sellind Real Estate at Auction

Selling Real Estate at Auction

Why sell Real Estate at Auction?
Isn't an auction only for foreclosures?

This is a common perception - however it is not true at all. All types of Real Estate are being sold at auction every day, and for many more reasons than can be listed here. Here are some examples:


Example 1 - A Residential Home is owned by an Estate and no one is local to maintain it. It needs some work and the heirs don't have the interest, the time or the money to put into this property. Some traditional listings can take 6 - 12 months or more to sell the home - but our process accelerates the sale, agressively markets the property, and finds a buyer that can close in a timely manner. The less time the Estate has to hold the property the better for all parties involved.

Example 2 - Homeowners of a luxury property wish to move. This property is unique in that it is larger and has more features than neighboring homes. A tradtional real estate listing will not find the type of buyer that can afford this type of property as the price point puts the home out of reach for most. This property needs an agressive marketing plan to find a buyer that can afford it but might not otherwise be in the market. Our system for marketing these unique properties has brought these buyers to the highest end properties.


Example 3 - A business has Commercial Real Estate that has become non-core to their operations. The equity in this real estate could be used toward other necessary expenditures. A traditional commercial listing could take years, and the contract could fall through any time during a lengthy due diligence period. Is the business not better off to move the property on and realize the cash that can come from the sale? Time value of money is an important consideration in an auction.

Example 4 - Farm and Timber land is commonly traded at auction, and the buyers of this type of property expect to competitively bid for this type of asset. By traditionally listing this property for sale, or making a deal at arms length with the neighboring landowner, you could leave money on the table - Lots of Money. We provide a high quality auction event, an exciting and fun buyer experience for these buyers, and allow them to compete to drive the price of your land to what the competitive open market will bear. 


Call Chris J Crawford at 919.935.1974 to discuss your Real Estate today. 

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