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Estate and Attorney Services

Estate and Attorney Services

Handling Estates for Executors and Administrators
You are appointed in charge of an Estate -
Now What?​

Chris and his team have worked with Estate Executors and Administrators, as well as Estate Planning Attorneys and the Courts in all types of Estate settlments. If parties cannot agree on value, our method gives fair and equitable distribution.


We can sell personal property, businesses, vehicles and real estate passed through an Estate in a manner that takes away the pain for the Executor / Administrator, gets top dollar for the Heirs, eliminates costly storage, maintenance and upkeep, in a manner that satisfies the legal system.


Call 919.935.1974 to discuss your Estate needs today. 

Success Story -
The Johnson Estate

Chris was contacted by the Executrix of the Johnson Estate regarding the personal property in the Estate. There was a collection of coins that the Executrix was unable to deal with and wished to sell to distribute proceeds to the Estate heirs.


After evaluation of the assets involved in the Estate, it was determined that not only were there coins, but also gold, sterling silver and collectibles, plus vacant real estate left to the Estate and the heirs, all of whom lived in other states. 


Within a period of 12 weeks, two auctions were produced and all of the assets sold providing cash for the Executrix to distribute to the heirs (who never had to leave home!).

Success Story -
The Phelon Estate

What does an Estate Executor do when the owner of a Racing Enterprise leaves it to non-racing heirs?


Our team produced an auction event for an entire racing team - selling custom racing automobiles, shop parts, engines and more that generated millions of dollars in cash for the Estate. The auction was attended by hundreds and phone bids came in from professional and amateur racers from across the USA. 


If you have specialized assets to deal with that require a particular niche market - our method is the perfect way to get top dollar for those assets.

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