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Chris J Crawford, CAI
Auctioneer / Broker

My name is Chris Crawford, and I am a professional Auctioneer. I specialize in business liquidations, retirement sales, commercial real estate, and vehicle and heavy equipment sales. Hiring a trusted professional auctioneer is the best way to take the difficult work of selling assets off of your hands. A professional auctioneer will evaluate your assets, determine a marketing plan for those assets, arrange, catalog and photograph, manage previews, conduct an auction, and manage collection of all monies as well as managing the check out process where buyers remove their purchases. The seller receives their funds in cash within a short time after the auction.

Thank you for visiting and seeking to find out more about what I do, and most importantly - what I can do for you!
It is my goal to provide you with the highest level of  service in turning assets into cash, and to make the process as painless and stress-free for you as possible.
A professional auctioneer does so much more than call the bids. I appraise, give price opinions, set up the auction facility, catalog and photograph assets, provide expert witness testimony in court, manage an auction or real estate transaction, handle the buyers pick-ups, collect money, and provide the seller a nice check when it is all done! 
This process can be scary for a seller. The reason to hire a professional auctioneer is to have an advocate for you - a sellers agent - that will be your point person to manage the entire process of turning assets into cash. I am passionate about what I do, and about the clients I serve. I only represent you - the seller - in any transaction. I agressively market your assets to draw the largest pool of bidders for your asset(s) possible. There is no other method that gets this done more effectively than auction.
My time is sometimes short, but your questions are very important. There are many ways to perform an auction or market real estate, and a one-size fits all method is not how I work. Each asset is given a custom approach, so contact me today and we can discuss how to make an auction work for you!
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Chris J Crawford represents Iron Horse Auction Company of Rockingham, North Carolina.


Iron Horse Auction Company, Inc. was established in 1983 to provide comprehensive asset recovery and marketing services for America’s leading corporations, non-profit organizations, professionals and individuals.  


With vast experience selling all types of personal property and real estate, along with cutting-edge technical support, Iron Horse Auction Company has established itself as the premier provider of professional auction services in the Southeastern United States.


The experience and expertise of Iron Horse Auction Company’s principals allows it to effectively market assets for clients in targeted areas including real estate (farm, resort, apartments, condominiums, residential, large tracts, timberland and commercial properties), industrial machinery and equipment, farm equipment, logging equipment, building supplies, engineering equipment, mining equipment, merchantable timber, automobile racing equipment, decorative arts and collectibles, and much more.  In addition to specializing in the auction method of marketing, we also have the ability to market your assets via the internet, sealed bid, or private listing and negotiation. 


Iron Horse Auction Company can produce proven results for sellers with an unmatched portfolio of experienced staff and services for property owners in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.

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The National Auctioneers Association

Chris J Crawford is a member of the National Auctioneers Association.


The NAA is a membership-based organization and represents a range of auction professionals who service a variety of industries. The association is dedicated to providing its members with educational programming and resources to help them advance themselves and, in turn, the industry. Members of the NAA abide by a strict Code of Ethics and are connected with an extensive network of auction professionals.


National Auctioneers Association’s Mission:


The National Auctioneers Association exists to provide critical resources to auction professionals that will enhance their skills and successes.


National Auctioneers Association’s Vision:


National Auctioneers Association members will be the preferred auction professionals used in the marketplace.

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The Certified Auctioneers

Chris J Crawford has earned the professional designation CAI.

The Certified Auctioneers Institute is the most prestigious designation awarded in the auction industry.


Designed for leaders in the industry and auction firm decision-makers, CAI is an executive development program focused on developing the skills, and providing the tools necessary to run a world-class auction firm. Once a CAI designation is earned, the auctioneer must maintain the designation with continuing education.


This designation indicates to attorneys, trust officers, government officials, financial planners, accountants and others who seek the services of well-qualified auctioneers that the CAI designation holder is an astute business person and conducts business at the highest professional standards.


The Certified Auctioneers Institute has been helping auctioneers discover their potential for more than 30 years. Auctioneers with the CAI designation are part of an extraordinary network of exemplary auctioneers in the auction industry.

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