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Commercial Liquidations

End to End Liquidations

Whether it is a Retirement, an Estate, an Equitable Distribution, Lender Ordered, or a Court Ordered auction - There is only one Resource you need -

Chris J Crawford.


For you the seller - there is nothing to worry about with sensitive negotiations and collections. Chris and his team have handled business liquidations from tens of thousands to millions of dollars in revenue. We manage title transfers for vehicles, all the ins and outs of corporate real estate, and the entire liquidation process. 


Previously satisfied sellers have said "I can't believe it was that easy!", and "Thank You for making the process so simple for me!". 


To discuss your sale of assets - call 919.935.1974

Success Case 1 - DCS, Inc

The sole owner of DCS, Inc decided to retire in August, 2015. Having run a large and successful contracting business for over 25 years, he was ready to "sail into the sunset" so to speak.


Chris and his team produced an auction within 6 weeks and by the end of September, all assets - Heavy Equipment, Industrial Machinery, Vehicles and even the Commercial Real Estate (located in a a distressed area where buildngs sat vacant for years) were sold and closed. The owner was presented with two checks - one for the business assets and one for the real estate - without having to do a thing during the process but open the door to let our team in the building.

Success Case 2 -
The Reedy Fork Development

The partner developers of the 750 AC Reedy Fork community in Greensboro NC moved to end their partnership.


The Issue - What is the fair value for the land should one of the partners want to buy the other out?


The Answer - Our team produced a live, public auction event - where each could bid their interest.


The Result - A $4.5 Million dollar sale with over 50 registered bidders in attendance, where the partners were all outbid by another party, the entire 750 AC was sold, and all walked away with cash.

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